the experience

Our chocolatier Devon James Roberts is also a traveling chef! Whether you would like to have dinner prepared for you and some esteemed guests among the beautiful red mountains of Chef Devon's home town, St George or if you would like a stunning dinner made for two in New York, arrangements can be made!

Chef Devon has a knack for creating unique food experiences with everything from carbonated fruit to flavor combinations that you have never even imagined! He can work around dietary needs as well as present to you foods in the way they were meant to be tasted. And.. don't forget about dessert!

Our chef and chocolatier is known for his daring and avant garde creations. Although he certainly can make the most delicious and classic Vanilla Bean gelato, why not try his famous "Sailor's Vanilla" instead? A jet black vanilla gelato with a nice sea salty squid ink added in!   Devon has also done many educational classes and lessons about food and meal prep. Let us know what you have in mind!